Baby Steps

One of my many part-time jobs is managing a church nursery. I've been working there for two years now, and one thing that I have noticed is how quickly these children grow. There's a difference in these children and my Mia and Lucy...or a difference in how I react emotionally to these children, I suppose. One week a baby will be crawling, and the next the mother announces, "he's walking now." There isn't much celebration, as there might be for our own children...it's just very matter-of-fact. The passing of time. One day they're crawling, the next they walk, and before I know it they're moving up to the toddler room, and then out of the nursery all together and going to church with their parents. Now, I'm not saying that I don't love these children, but I only spend an hour or so a week with them here and there...

Lucy took her first steps this week.

I wasn't there when Mia took her first steps. And I obviously adore her...I've been looking after her for more than half of her life. As a three year old, she really is one of my closest friends. But I was working for this family before Jenn was even pregnant with Lucy...

So, she has been standing on her own for a few weeks...and, until now, she would walk so long as we were holding her hands.

But now, she will take just a few steps on her own. She stands there and smiles up at you and then takes one or two steps...
It isn't much, she doesn't go very far, but if I dropped her off in the nursery this Sunday I would say, "she's walking now."

I'm sure you've noticed that it has been quite a while since I posted a new entry here...and it isn't because I haven't been working and loving every minute with Mia and Lucy...but most of you know it's because I've finally decided to do something that I've wanted to do for a really long time.

I have started a professional photography business...I am a photographer.

I graduated from college two years ago. I moved back home and I have put off the real world as long as I possible could by working as a nanny. Well, I guess it isn't really fair to say that I was putting of the real world...but I have been putting off making life changing decisions.

Now, again as most of you know, the decision to be a nanny has brought nothing but joy into my life and I will never regret it, (nor am I ready to quit, Jenn...take a breath.) But it is time to start growing up...and to take a couple of baby steps myself.

So, come November, my photography website will be officially live.

I have had a few jobs and my confidence is growing and each day I take one or two more steps into the real world on my own.

And, as I will always be there to still hold Lucy's hands, I want to thank all of you who have always been there to hold mine.

Lucy and I are walking now.